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Bollards, Traffic Cones, Racking Protectors

Warehouses can be hazardous places, better protect your premises and workers with our range of industrial bollards, racking protectors and traffic cones. Protect brickwork, mark out hazard areas and walkways, keep workers safe from moving traffic and falling objects and protect your stocks and racking.  Our range of bollards, cones and racking protectors will improve the flow of movement in your warehouse facilities.

Positioned to protect walls, corners, columns and racking these safety products cushion impact to your premises and avoid costly repairs whilst helping to promote staff safety in your garages, warehouses, and industrial units.

Heavy Duty Steel Bollard - 114MM W X 1000MM H


A robust and heavy-duty industrial bollard (114mm diameter x 1000mm high, situated on a 250mm square base plate).  Designed for high traffic areas and will take repeated impact from industrial traffic.  Helps to keep your premises in one piece and your staff safe as they navigate the warehouse environment.

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Hi-Vis Flexible Vehicle Bollard - 80MM W X 750MM H


Our light and flexible bollard designed to flex on impact with cars and vans. They are great to guide cars into tight spots and to spring back after impact, they ensure that buildings and cars are not marked when parking. Manufactured from fluorescent orange polyurethane and embedded with high intensity tape this flexi bollard will stand the test of time.

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Hi-Viz Yellow Steel Bollard - 89MM W X 1000MM H


Our most popular industrial bollard (89mm diameter x 1000mm high, situated on a 250mm square base plate).  Great at preventing vehicles from colliding or crashing into pedestrians and other structures, they help to prevent unintentional loss of control and create zoned areas that guide pedestrians through industrial environments.

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Moulded Pallet Racking & Column Protectors - RP-005


Polyurethane, racking mounted, pallet rack protector.  This clever racking protector deforms on impact and helps to absorb some of the force caused by forklift trucks.  Helps to absorb low / medium impacts and saves damage to your racking and stocks.

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Right Angle Steel Racking & Column Protectors - RP-001


Steel, floor mounted, pallet rack protector or corner wall protector.  Solidly built steel racking protector designed to ensure that forklift trucks hit the steel protector instead of your racking.  Saves damage to your expensive racking and to your stocks.

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Traffic Cone - Collapsible 355MM X 690MM H


Introducing the wonder cone!! This is a clever little traffic cone collapses down to 65mm and pulls up quickly and easily with one hand.  It remains strong and wind resistant just like a normal cone. Hi-viz with reflective tape and with internal LED lights and with a flashing removable light that sits firmly at the top. We love this little wonder cone!!

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Traffic Cone 490MM X 1000MM H


Hi viz orange cones that are visible at night with reflective tape. This light, but sturdy cone is great for on-site traffic management, for indoor spaces or for noting hazards. They can also be used to mark where children are playing or to block off access. They are designed to be highly visible and easily moveable.  

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