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Stainless Steel Hook Type PVC Strip Curtain Suspension System

Our hook type suspension system for PVC strip curtains is made up of three component parts: 90° angle stainless steel suspension rails (allowing for face or soffit fix) which cover the width of your opening; Stainless steel plate sets - you will require one set for each PVC strip required; Rivets - required for clamping the plate set to the PVC strip.

Aluminium Rivets For Hook Type PVC Strip Curtains


Our rivets fit our entire hook type suspension system range.  simply fit the plate set at the end of the cut pvc strip and rivet through to clamp the pvc between the plates. Set contains 100 rivets.

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Hook Type Suspension Rails - PVC Strip Curtains

From: £14.00
Our 90° angle suspension rails have a multi-fit design and can be installed either to the face or soffit of your application. The rails are offered in various lengths to suit all opening requirements
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Stainless Steel Suspension Plates - PVC Strip Curtains

From: £1.10

Our Stainless Steel Plate sets come as pairs - Front Plate and Back Plate. They clamp the PVC strip rigidly in place using rivets and fit our stainless steel hook type rail profile.

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