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PVC Strip Curtains: Industrial Doorways

Rayflex Group manufactures ready-made industrial plastic curtains and industrial pvc doors from quality PVC sheets to suit standard door and opening sizes, including industrial unit and workshop doorways. Each PVC curtain contains our stainless-steel hook type suspension system, which makes our kits easy to install and economical.

Our industrial pvc door curtains are designed to fit an exact door size on-site with a few simple tools, in which installation instructions are provided for self-install. Each of our industrial PVC curtains is low maintenance, easy to clean and are economic, helping you to save up to 40% on your heating bills.

For immediate dispatch of our light duty, medium duty, heavy duty or polar grade industrial plastic curtains, order from Rayflex Group today - browse our range below.

If we do not stock a suitable size for your requirements, we can manufacture a bespoke made to measure PVC strip curtain to suit your needs.

Do you want to speak to a member of the team? Give us a call on 01925 638753 or contact us online.

light duty pvc strip curtains

  Light Duty Industrial Curtains

   FROM: £50
   Pedestrian doors and small openings
   200mm wide x 2mm thick PVC strip
   Ideal for internal pedestrian doorways and light duty
   traffic areas.

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medium duty pvc strip curtains

  Medium Duty Industrial Curtains

   FROM: £130
   Industrial doors and area partitions
   300mm wide x 3mm thick PVC strip
   Ideal for industrial doorways and partitions. 
   External and internal use.

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heavy duty pvc strip curtains

  Heavy Duty Industrial Curtains

   FROM: £392
   Warehouse doors and FLT access
   400mm wide x 4mm thick PVC strip
   Ideal for large warehouse and industrial doorways. 
   Medium to heavy applications.

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polar grade pvc strip curtains

  Polar Grade Industrial Curtains

   FROM: £56
   Walk-in freezer and low-temperature applications
   200mm wide x 2mm Freezer Grade PVC strip
   Ideal for cold storage and freezer applications with a
   maximum height of 3m.

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