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Choosing the right door

Impact door choice is based on industry use, structural opening size, traffic volume and traffic type. Please review each Rayflex Rubber category, listed clearly from the homepage for detailed information on various options.

We offer an extensive range of doors which guarantees that we can cater for your specific requirements. Upon receipt of your specification we can ensure that we offer the most suitable impact door for your needs.

So that we can easily your requirements we need a small amount of help from you. Please ensure the following information is to hand:

?What industry will the doors be used in?

AIn order to guarantee the correct specification of finish, what environment are the doors going into? Coldstore / cleanrooms, warehousing, manufacturing plants, retail units, supermarkets, food preparation areas, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, postal sorting offices...

?What type of area do you wish to segregate?

AOffice - warehouse, restaurant – kitchen area, operational areas – coldstores / cleanrooms...

?What is the structural opening size?

AWidth and height in mm. A guide to accurate measurement is available here.

?What are the fitting arrangements?

AStandard fitting arrangements allow fitting to the underside of the lintel. Please state the composition of the lintel / floor, ie: timber, steel, concrete...

?What volume of traffic will be going through the opening?

APersonnel, pallet trucks, powered traffic or forklifts...

?What usage will they receive?

AApproximations only. For example 10 times, more than 100 time a day or somewhere in-between...

?What are the environmental considerations?

AIs insulation between cool or heated areas required? What temperature are the doors required to operate at? Will high moisture or humidity be present?

?Where are the doors situated?

ALocation of the doors, internal / external, subject to wind pressures...

?Are there any aesthetic considerations?

ADo require a specific colour, and are there any corporate considerations? Once you have determined your application requirements please complete our online enquiry form with this required detailed. We will review your request and contact you to discuss available options.