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Datacentres and Electronics

Rayflex Group developed the DataFlex Range with a set goal in mind: develop and supply the highest quality anti-static and / or flame retardant PVC strip curtain barriers on the market for achieving hot-aisle, cold-aisle isolation in your Data Center and to control air flow by sealing gaps with flexible, stable panels.

We achieved this by developing a new type and standard of PVC specifically targeted at the Data Center and electronics market. Our efficient cooling solutions represented by the Dataflex Range, increase capacity and stabilise the temperature in your Data Centers whilst minimising your energy costs. The Dataflex Range offers a cost effective, low tech and non-intrusive approach to achieving Data Center efficiencies, offering companies substantial energy savings by lowering power usage and carbon emissions.


We offer both made to measure and off the shelf pvc strip curtains in a range of materials and fixings to suit your environment and use.


  • 35-50% energy savings
  • Easy to install
  • Hands free access through openings
  • Durable, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Help to control temperature, airflow and noise
  • Barrier against material contamination and insects
Data Center PVC Strip

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Datacentre Curtains


PVC Strip Curtains suitable for Datacentres

Rayflex's new DataFlex Range of high quality, Anti-Static and fire resistant PVC strip curtains are designed to separate cold air aisles from hot air aisles, directing cool air where it is needed most – through the computer racks.  The DataFlex range offers a cost effective, low tech and non intrusive approach to achieving data centre cooling efficiencies. Offering companies substantial energy savings, by lowering power usage and carbon emissions. Designed to suit any data centre regardless of size and age the DataFlex range of PVC strip curtains can easily be installed and maintained, they are ideal for use in either retrofit applications or to complement air containment at the design stage. The system guarantees easy access to your servers.

Due to the unique appearance of each and every system, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.  Our specialist team will deal with your enquiry directly


COST EFFECTIVE:Our system is designed to be a low tech cost effective, non intrusive solution that suits any data centre application. It is very cost effective compared to other market solutions and the results are extremely impressive in terms of cooling efficiency.

ENERGY EFFICIENT:The system is designed to promote improvements in data-center cooling and efficiently lowers your carbon emissions. Offering substantial energy savings by lowering your power usage.

PRODUCT SUITABILITY:Our system is suitable for any data-center regardless of size and age. The system ensures all bespoke requirements can be catered for dependent on the individual data centre specifications, ideal for retrofit solutions or to complement airflow containment at the design stage.

FASTER:Our suspension system is designed to facilitate ease of installation. Once the system has been installed individual strips simply push on, ensuring installation and strip replacement thereafter is without issue.

DESIGN:The specifically designed suspension system ensures strips overlap and hang together exactly, creating a barrier wall which promotes improved airflow management, minimal system movement and minimized strip detachment.  Allowing easy server access.

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