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Choosing PVC Curtains

PVC strip curtains are used in a range of industries for various different applications. They can be used to section off areas of a workplace, provide a safe area for hazardous jobs such as welding and also to maintain a buildings temperature whilst preventing pests from entering the building.

PVC curtains are typically made from a transparent PVC material which is designed to allow light into the building without allowing heat to escape. PVC curtains are very commonly used for doors on walk in cold rooms as they help to maintain the cool temperature of the room and yet still allow frequent and easy access.
When choosing PVC curtains for your business it is important to consider what the curtain will be used for. If it is an outdoor application which will be accessed by vehicles then you will need a heavy duty curtain with a large overlap to prevent wind, rain and dust entering a building.

If the curtain is required to section off an area inside a building then a lighter grade of PVC would be a better choice as it is lighter to use and easier for personnel to pass through. Lighter strips are only really suitable for use by pedestrians.