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Save Energy and Cut Costs with PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are found in many different types of business and perform a range of tasks. The most popular reason that a PVC strip curtain is fitted is to prevent the loss of energy (hot or cold) from a given space or room. The flexible strips hang vertically and overlap each other to form an effective barrier against the loss of hot or cold air and thus maintain an ambient temperature. Whilst forming this barrier, the flexible nature of the PVC strip curtains allows easy access by pedestrians or vehicles.

PVC strip curtains can be made to order and also come in a range of standard lengths and widths. The weight of PVC material and the amount of overlap will depend on your individual requirements and site of the doorway. A strip curtain which is designed for external use will need to be made of a thicker grade PVC and feature a greater overlap. This will help to provide an effective and durable barrier against the outside elements such as wind driven rain, draughts and snow. They are also an effective barrier which prevents pests such as rats, flies, wasps and birds from entering the building. PVC strip curtains are easy to install and maintain and can significantly cut a company’s energy bills.