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The Fashion Edit – Is PVC strip fashionable?

Jivomir Domoustchiev is a London based fashion designer who sets himself apart from other designers worldwide. Why we hear you ask? Well, by using flexible PVC strip to create the majority of his designs!

Jivomir’s work is entirely based around the use of PVC in a variety of colours, pieced together by buckles, press studs and eyelets. Nobody could imagine using such industrial products on the cover of a fashion magazine, but the products produced are highly sought after and accredited worldwide in the fashion industry and by high-profile celebrities.

“Working with PVC and other sculptural fabrics and realised in a pop-art palette, there is a pervasive element of fantasy in his work.”

We spoke to Jivomir about his work, intrigued as PVC is our business and we’re always keen to hear of new and interesting projects! We’ve been in business for over 40 years and we’ve never come across a fashion designer using our products. We later learned that Jivomir was the first ever designer to use PVC for accessories and full fashion sculptural pieces, in the form of dresses and jackets. He has clearly left a lasting impression when he stated there is now around 15 designers worldwide who have been inspired by his work with the material and create their own accessories using PVC.

“I found the material by accident whilst I was searching for a material that would allow me to create sculptural fashion in a high shine. Something that stays stiff and holds its shape under manipulation.”

Jivomir Domoustchiev’s work has created a lot of buzz in the fashion world, with a highly prestigious clientele and more press coverage than we can even name. Jivomir’s work has been very well received and his designs are only gaining more traction and gaining more and more coverage.
Here are a few of the huge print pieces that his work has been seen in:

  • Cosmopolitan China
  • Vogue Italia
  • Vogue Portugal
  • Nylon Germany
  • Paper Magazine

As you can see, Jivomir Domoustchiev and PVC as a fashion material are making a lasting impression worldwide! We also spoke to Jivomir about the recyclability of PVC, as we’re an
eco-conscious business and want to do what we can to help the environment and ensure that our products are correctly disposed of.

“I keep all of my offcuts, as recyclability is a big issue within the fashion world­­­­­­­­­­.”

Our aim as a business is to ensure our customers are safe in the knowledge that if they return their off-cuts, we can safely recycle the PVC and promote an eco-friendly transaction. We all need to improve our carbon footprint and we’re here to help every one of our industries, from our cold-store customers to our fashion designers!

The use of PVC is unique from our perspective, it’s unusual to see our products being worn. Our office are always intrigued to see his latest work and it widens our view that PVC can be placed in every environment possible, the options are limitless! Jivomir has created bags, dresses and jackets using coloured and clear PVC – connected by press studs and featuring buckles and eyelets. The designs are unique, intriguing and bring PVC into an industry we never would’ve expected. The variation of design, such as, painting on clear PVC, creating industrial style handbags of many sizes, manipulating the PVC to a shape within the clothing and even the accessories such as belts and chokers to contribute to an outfit. PVC is an extremely flexible product and Jivomir demonstrates this very well.

Inspired by his work? Visit his website at www.jivomirdomoustchiev.com or on Instagram at Jivomir.Domoustchiev, or view our PVC roll range www.rayflexgroup.co.uk/pvc-strip-rolls/all-categories.html


Want to know more about our recycling scheme? Contact our sales team on 01925 638753 or email sales@rayflexgroup.co.uk.