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Chillflex - Top Fix PVC Strip Chiller Blind

Cold air is kept inside the cabinet whilst allowing customers to see and retrieve products from behind the PVC blind. Reduce your energy costs by up to 40%, maintain climate control and increase the lifespan of your chiller units by fitting PVC strip chiller blinds. Available online in various sizes or made to measure for non-standard applications – contact us for a price.

The PVC blinds can simply butt up next to each other to create longer runs. We manufacture from the nearest 100mm PVC width and from the top of the rail to the bottom of the PVC strip to include a 50mm allowance. You must measure your fridge with this in mind.

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Chillflex - Top Fix PVC Strip Chiller Blind

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Our top fixing ChillFlex PVC strip blinds are perfectly suited for regulating temperatures in cooler and freezer cabinets and walk in cold-rooms. These well designed and manufactured temperature regulating PVC strips make it easy for retail customers to be able to see and retrieve products, whilst keeping products at a cool temperature. Benefits: Product Visibility & PVC chiller blinds are crystal clear, like looking through glass; Products are kept cold for customers even during hot summer months; Cost effective - the investment is usually paid back within a few months; 40%-50% of electricity is saved & dependent on the PVC strip fixing option; Extremely easy to self-install; Reduction in Theft - PVC strips make it harder for people to steal inconspicuously; Reduction in Wastage - the PVC strips keep products at constant temperatures so they don't spoil; Optimum airflow - air flows evenly within the retail cabinet optimising product storage; Extended retail unit lifespan - the load on the electrical compressor is reduced thus extending the life of your freezers and fridges; The white plastic rail extrusion comes in two parts. The back section is simply attached to the top of the chiller cabinet using a hardwearing self-adhesive strip. The front section then clicks into the back section and the individual PVC strips are cleated and fed seamlessly through the rail profile.  Please see the installation instructions before you start to fit the pvc strip chiller blinds.
The PVC chiller curtains come in standard sizes and can be purchased online; bespoke requirements are also catered for. Just advise us on your exact dimensions and we can manufacture to order.  Please note that PVC strip widths are 100mm therefore we are limited to supplying kits in 100mm width increments.

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