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Flowflex Plastic Strip Curtain - Schools & Nursery, Child Safe

Easy to install Flow-flex plastic strip curtains are designed to allow children and staff free flow access between indoor and outdoor environments. Our free flow curtains are a simple, economical solution to internal temperature maintenance and keep flies, pests and other airborne pollutants out of the classroom.


Flowflex Plastic Strip Curtain - Schools & Nursery, Child Safe

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Designed with safety in mind, our PVC nursery curtains are manufactured to withstand heavy duty traffic from excitable little ones. The PVC school door is essential to prevent any pests from entering the building and maintain the temperature, all while allowing free and easy access for children the freedom to pass indoors and outdoors at their leisure. Free flow plastic strip curtain options: Suits opening widths between 900mm - 1800mm Suits opening heights between 2150mm - 2200mm In line with practice guidelines offered by the DCSF and EYFS, Rayflex have created a unique, child-friendly plastic strip curtain designed specifically for use in schools, pre-schools and nurseries. We have supplied schools nationwide for over 10 years. Benefits of our Freeflow plastic strip curtains: Softer grade pvc strip - designed for use with children; Ribbed pvc strip & designed to promote ease of access for little ones; Lock-in washers for each pvc strip to ensure once fitted they lock into place; Plastic bullet rail - no sharp edges or separate parts, designed for absolute safety; Free flow curtains help to reduce heat loss: Energy savings – reduce your bills by up to 50%; Reduce your carbon footprint; Stops cold outside air mixing with maintained internal temperature; Plastic strip curtains stop Insects, Pests and flying debris: Stops flies, wasps and bees in summer months; Stops other pests, leaves and litter during winter months; Plastic strip curtains are very durable: Designed for constant use; Offers replacement of individual pvc strips if damaged or dirtied over time; Plastic strip curtain help to reduce noise pollution: With the doors open noise from workmen, traffic, nearby business and people can disrupt the classroom environment – free flow curtains dull the noise and help to maintain a calm environment; Early Years Guidelines suggest that plastic strip curtains help to facilitate seamless flow and play access between indoor and outdoor environments; "Outdoor learning complements indoor learning and is equally important. Play and learning that flow seamlessly between indoors and outdoors enable children to make the most of the resources and materials available to them and develop their ideas without unnecessary interruption." (EYFS Effective Practice: Outdoor Learning 2007) "The outdoor environment can provide more freedom for a greater range of play and learning - it is every child's entitlement."(The Sky Is The Limit - outdoor learning in the early years; Learning through Landscapes 2009) If your size is not available in the premade kits, then please visit our bespoke plastic strip curtain page.

The curtain was easy to install, and has made a huge difference to the temperature in the classroom. The children enjoy having free flow all day now.

Review by Loraine Pincott / (Posted on 23/04/2019)

We did a lot of research into suitable PVC strip door curtains for our playroom. Being a charity we work to tight budgets and have to find the best possible solutions to challenges we have, Rayflex offered us the best solution with their free-flow PVC door curtain, not only is the safest PVC door curtain in terms of its all plastic construction, it is also really easy to install and a very good price.
The ordering process was straightforward from choosing the appropriate product and size to ordering the chosen product. The PVC door curtains arrived quickly with good installation instructions.
We are delighted with our free flow curtains, we can now have the playroom doors open whatever the weather and the playroom still stays warm. Thank you everyone at Rayflex.

Review by Caroline - The Forest of Dean Children’s Opportunity Centre / (Posted on 16/12/2016)
RA-DOMBESPOKE - FlowFlex PVC door kit.

I found Rayflex through Google when looking for PVC strip curtains for Danescourt Primary school, the purchasing process was quick, efficient and helpful. It was because of Carlo on the phone that I did not look further, he is outstanding and has helped every step of the way. We had a small packing issue where one bullet was damaged but the issue was very quickly and efficiently resolved by him. He was the reason I ordered from you and he will be the reason, along with the PVC strip curtain, that I will order from you in the future and recommend.

Review by Jason - Danescourt Primary School / (Posted on 24/10/2016)

Busy Bees originally approached Rayflex in 2010 following a new government led requirement to have free flow access between indoor and outdoor areas and we've used them ever since. We found Rayflex online, arranged a meeting at their site in Cheshire and we very impressed with the company set up and special line of boxed pvc strip curtains that they offered specifically for schools. We rolled out 55 kits nationwide and self- installed in the nurseries, they were such a success that we ordered a further 85 the following year. We now cyclically replace all our curtains via Rayflex. Rayflex can manage easily nation rollout of these goods and the product definitely works. The children can easily and safely run between areas and the inside environments remain warm.

Review by MS SNELL - BUSY BEES (NATIONWIDE) / (Posted on 28/01/2016)

The customer service and product recommendation at Rayflex is great, I wasn’t sure what I wanted but they took the time to careful explain exactly the pro’s and con’s of each product so I could make an informed decision before buying. The goods that arrived a few days later are exactly as described and exactly what I need.

Review by GILLIAN - BROOKSIDE PRIMARY / (Posted on 28/01/2016)

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