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High Grade Anti-Static PVC Strip Rolls - Datacentres & Cleanrooms

PVC Range: +50 / -15° for Electronic & High Voltage Applications. Anti-Static PVC Strip reduces static electricity from objects & people. Ideal for air flow control in Datacentres and Cleanrooms.


High Grade Anti-Static PVC Strip Rolls - Datacentres & Cleanrooms

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Anti-Static PVC Strip is recommended by Rayflex Group as a material that contains compounds specifically designed to reduce the build-up of static electricity created when objects and people pass through standard materials. Anti-static pvc strip is formulated to have a surface that is more resistant to static electricity and demonstrates very good static dissipative qualities. Anti-static PVC can be used for data centres, clean rooms, server rooms and other areas that must be kept safe from electrical charges. Please note there are a various different grades and colours available depending on the product requirement and loading – please always speak to one of technical experts if you are considering using this material as the industry standards can vary – please always request a technical specification when buying this material to ensure it meets your unique requirements and test samples wherever possible. All our high quality pvc products are manufactured and tested to European and British quality standards and comply with European REACH directives. Some of our Anti-static compounds are also tested to American standards to meet market demand where required. Technical specifications are available for all pvc products and pvc material grades. Please contact our technical department if you require any assistance in product recommendation. Anti-static PVC is used in various applications that have specific anti-static requirements: Datacentre Benefits: Increase capacity in your data centre with lower, more stable temperatures, save energy on air conditioning by up to 67%; Protect your mission critical operations, optimize server cooling equipment and see ROI in under a year; Maximize airflow dynamics and increase the effectiveness of your hot aisle/cold aisle isolation; Cleanroom Benefits: Keeps interior cleanroom areas free from dust, pollutions and other possible cross contaminates; Effective removes static charge from clothing and persons on passing through the pvc curtains – stops the charge being passed when inside the cleanroom; Helps to contains the environment regulation within the cleanroom;