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Frosted PVC Strip Rolls - Partial Privacy Applications

PVC Range: +50 / -15° for Partial Privacy Applications.
High Quality, Frosted PVC Strip lets light in but blurs vision.
Ideal for privacy in areas where goods & work areas are on show.


Frosted PVC Strip Rolls - Partial Privacy Applications

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Other Information

Frosted PVC Strip is recommended by Rayflex group for use in ambient temperature applications operating between +50°c to -15°c. Frosted PVC allows a level of visibility through openings, whilst maintaining a degree of privacy required in some applications. Frosted PVC is a semi-opaque PVC that allows light to shine through the material whilst creating cloudy visibility. When an object is close up to the material you can see the detail of the object, however, for objects at a distance the frosted nature of the material ensures that area behind the PVC remains private. Please note you can make out shapes and outlines but not the detail behind it. Application Usage: Used extensively in applications that want to avoid prying eyes and where maintaining privacy is a major concern. Ideal for use in: Commercial Kitchens with open access to customers; Offices where area segregation is required for privacy; Mortuaries and Undertakers; Stores and stock areas; Please always ensure this product is right for you. Where you lessen the visibility of an opening it can, dependent on the application, cause health and safety concerns for your staff, customers and members of the public. It should be used in conjunction with your own H&S policy.