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Replacement Red PVC Strip Curtain - Priced Per Metre

Red PVC Range: +50 / -15° for hazard area & access point denotation. High Quality, Red PVC - Ideal as edge markers / hazard warnings or as complete pvc privacy screens. Priced per linear metre, the pvc is cut to your requirements on length, please order the total length you require and state any exact requirements at the checkout.

Please note: we have a minimum order charge of £30 on our products


Replacement Red PVC Strip Curtain - Priced Per Metre

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Other Information

Red PVC Strip is recommended by Rayflex Group for use in ambient temperature applications operating between +50°c to -15°c (please note, we offer red pvc in low temperature or freezer grade – please contact us if this is a requirement).

Our Red PVC is opaque - you cannot see through this material. Our replacement pvc colour range includes other options in black and blue (if you require grey, white, transparent red or transparent blue pvc please contact us directly to discuss the requirement). Coloured pvc is used for everything industry wide from food area separation, to denote areas of high risk, to put in place complete privacy screens, as edge markers on doors and to indicate access issues and for artist and film displays.

With replacement PVC strip you must order the total amount you require in metres (there is a minimum order charge of £30 net on the product) we also assume by default that you require 1 cut piece.  For example if you order 20m in total we will send 1 x 20m length of pvc strip. If, however, you want the 20m to be cut into 10 x 2m long pieces then please state this at checkout.

You might also be interested in the associated hardware and suspension system so you can make your own pvc doorkit, if so please refer to the following SUSPENSION RAILS AND HARDWARE SECTION.

Please contact our technical department if you require any assistance in product recommendation.

Red PVC is used in various applications to include:

  • Warehouse doors edge markers – Red PVC indicates entrance and exit points;
  • Food Manufacture – Red PVC strip denotes areas of high risk and no passage;
  • Complete Privacy Shields – funeral homes, open kitchen covers, bin areas, open warehouses that want to stop people prying and possible pilferage;
  • Art displays and film sets – coloured PVC offers a vast array of background opportunity for filming;

    Please note we have a minimum order charge of £30 net on the product and bespoke replacement strips are non-returnable