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Rubber Extrusions

Rubber extrusions or D-sections are rubber fenders that are designed to protect and absorb accidental impact between vehicles / trolleys and walls. Made from natural / SBR rubber compound they offer high energy absorption our range of profiles are widely used in warehouses, supermarkets, garages and loading bay applications to effectively protect facilities and to reduce maintenance costs.

We list online our 3 most popular rubber extrusions; however, the range is large.  Please contact us if you require different D-section profiles.

Rubber Extrusion D Section - Light - 50 X 30 X 2.5M L


This multi-purpose, economical little workhorse is a great D-section extrusion. It runs at 2.5m long and offers great protection against trolleys, roll-cages, pallet and pump trucks and other light vehicle use.  50mm at the base and with a 30mm projection it is enough to buffer damage to walls and walkways.

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Rubber Extrusion D Section - Medium - 70 X 70 X 2.4M L


This is a chunky rubber extrusion, with a wall depth of 15mm, a 70mm base and 70mm projection it will buffer against light – medium impact traffic. Multi-purpose D-section that is used extensively in supermarket and warehouse environments to protect against pallet loading, pallet trucks and forklift trucks. This D-section extrusion will easily stop damage to your premises and walkways.

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Rubber Extrusion D Section - Heavy - 95 X 82 X 3M L


This is a big daddy in the rubber extrusion world. Weighty and robust with a wall depth of 24mm a 95mm base and 80mm+ projection it will protect your premises against heavy and repeated impact. This D-section is used extensively in factory and warehouse environments to protect against motorised vehicle and forklift traffic. This D-section extrusion will last a long time.

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