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Wheel Chocks

Chocks away! Rayflex rubber wheel chocks are small, moulded rubber ramps, made from commercial grade rubber and are designed to prevent vehicles from rolling. Wheel chocks are used extensively on cars, lorries, vans, caravans, motorbikes and in aviation and boating.

Wheel chocks offer maximum traction between tyres and surfaces without cutting or damaging the tyre, providing an affordable investment that ensures your safety and the safety of others.

Simple to store and use the chock is placed under the wheel facing an incline, for optimum results the chocks should be used in pairs under both rear wheels. Effective in various environments and resilient to sun, salt, oil, ozone and corrosion.

If the wheel chocks you require is not listed on our website, please contact us with your requirements – we have a huge range and only the most common wheel chocks are listed online.

Wheel Chock - Light - Black Rubber - 90 X 95 x 175MM


This small wheel Chock is ideal for cars, car trailers and caravans. Also used extensively in supermarkets for chocking roll cages. It has a chunky tread for excellent grip and a blue polypropylene rope handle. It is light and small enough to be stored easily. 

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Wheel Chock - Medium - Yellow Rubber - 270mm x 120mm x 185mm


This wheel chock is ideal for small automotive and medium LGVs. Cored to reduce weight and has a moulded handle. Manufactured from yellow rubber it is a good light weight chock that suits most light goods vehicle requirements.

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Wheel Chocks - Heavy Duty - Black Rubber - 160 x 205 x 235MM


This is the most common wheel chock used on HGVs. Can be stored easily on vehicles and heavy goods vehicles. Suits large wheel sections with it’s curved profile and is cored to make it light weight whilst offering high maximum load resistance.

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Wheel Chock - Heavy Duty - TPX Rubber - 185 x 200 x 250MM


This is an extremely tough wheel chock made from TPX tyre cord compound used on HGVs. Solid and weighty this chock is moulded to include a horizontal handle with hole for shackling to load bays or vehicles. One of the strongest chocks in our range and offering high maximum load resistance.

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Aircraft Wheel Chocks - Black Rubber - 170 x 155 x 250MM


Rayflex aircraft wheel chock is a popular rubber chock for planes and helicopters. Supplied with a blue rope for carrying and for pulling the chock from the aircraft wheel by hand.  

We offer 4 different lengths in this wheel chock from 250mm to 1000mm long – please see options on the drop-down list below.

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