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Low UV Bronze PVC Strip Rolls - PVC Curtains & Screens

PVC Range: +50 / -15° High Quality, low UV bronze flexible PVC. Effective screening from welding flash with limited visibility, protect people against dangerous radiations and projectiles emitted by welding arcs.


Low UV Bronze PVC Strip Rolls - PVC Curtains & Screens

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Our bronze (dark brown) low UV pvc strip is ideal for creating static welding screens in applications that require access through the pvc strip, the material will protect you and your workers from harmful UV rays emitted during the welding process.
Low UV PVC strip is by nature dark in colour, this is to screen out the hazardous UV rays and welding flash, you can see through the material when light radiates from behind the PVC screen and the PVC strip provides optical protection from metal welding and flash. It also protects workers from sparks and hot metal projectiles that can cause severe burns to unprotected skin and can cause fires.

We offer bronze materials in 200x2 / 300x2 / 300x3 depending on the weight and visual coverage required in the product. All our high-quality PVC products are manufactured and tested to European and British quality standards and comply with European REACH directives.

Our low UV bronze PVC strip is commonly used by industry professionals who wish to create:

Small partitioned welding booths within their factories ;
Large runs and factory divisions with allocated welding bays;
Bespoke applications where UV protection is required;