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Why use Impact Doors

1- Ease of operation and environmental control will save you money everyday.

Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic operators that use electric energy to drive pumps and motors are expensive, complex to install, require regular maintenance and are costly to repair. Our impact doors are manually operated, less expensive than motorized alternatives, faster and easier to install and maintain.

They actively control air movement, moisture, dust and dirt movement through openings, ensuring that the temperature and humidity in your specific application is regulated.

Heating bills are greatly reduced saving you money and reducing your ever important carbon footprint.

2 - Increased operational productivity from fast and efficient, two-way movement through a door opening.

Our Impact doors allow 180 degree / two way ease of movement of personnel and materials between two areas.

They actively facilitate hands free access, easily opening in both directions when pushed or when impacted by a hand, pallet or forklift trucks, automatically returning to its original closed position after passage.

3 - Visual separation, sound containment, safety and security.

Our Impact doors provide separation between the sales floor and store room, food preparation and cold storage area, office to the warehouse, customer seating area to the kitchen or in any opening where you need to hide the clutter or reduce the noise from your backroom operations.

Our impact doors create a physical and psychological barrier that will restrict access by customers, suppliers or employees to areas requiring security.

Protecting the image and secrecy requirements of company and providing a safe environment for you, your employees and customers.