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Accident Prevention Logistics

Many accidents occur on the factory floor due to un-seenable items on the floor, collisions at doors or dropping items due to having too much to handle. These problems can be detrimental to the production of the goods that are being produced and a small accident can hold back a delivery a day or more. So it’s best to ensure that the work environment is safe and efficient by ensuring that all items have their allocated storage space and items aren’t littered over the floor as well as making sure that the entrances are clear.

It’s worth looking into purchasing strip curtains for the access points as they allow full visibility (ensures there are no collisions), easy hands free access which seals itself and insulates the two spaces highly effectively while saving on the energy costs. Strip curtains are made from PVC rubber which makes them adjustable in width, depth and height to guarantee that they will fit the access point desired.

Otherwise organising the onsite storage facilities to ensure that all unnecessary items aren’t scattered across the floor, causing busy load baring workers to trip. This saves time and energy as once all things have their place then employees can quickly access the goods that they need safely and efficiently.