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Strip Doors: Create the Perfect Barrier

Plastic strip curtains are used across a wide range of industries due to their impressive list of features. They are economical to buy, they are easy to maintain and they do an excellent job at forming a flexible barrier which prevents energy loss.

Plastic door curtains can be found in use in many areas of our daily lives including at the supermarket, warehouse, distribution centre, hospital, restaurants and so much more.

If an exit, entrance or access point to a building sees constant traffic, whether personnel or vehicular, the PVC door curtain is the perfect solution. They are as good as an open door but without allowing heat to escape or rain, wind and dirt to enter. Plastic door curtains can be constructed from different types and weights of PVC dependent on the application. They are typically clear or tinted to that they allow for good visibility so that those using the door can see if there is obstruction on the other side before entering.

The beauty of these doors is that they are great for saving energy, they maintain a room’s temperature and they are easy to install, maintain, clean and replace and this makes them the most popular type of door barrier in the UK.