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Top 5 Tips Get the most out of your Industrial PVC Strip Curtains

If you require help with sourcing industrial PVC Strip Curtains or energy efficient impact doors, or just want some professional advice on specifying, maintaining, or replacing parts, we are here to help. Here, Rayflex Group will share with you our top 5 tips based on our customers’ questions and what people in the industry ask Rayflex about PVC industrial strip curtains.

Can I clean PVC strip curtains?

Yes, you can clean PVC strip curtains. They can soon become grubby-looking if not regularly cleaned, especially in industrial settings with a lot of usage, but do not worry, they are extremely easy to clean. Simple warm water and a sponge is enough to get most of the dirt off and get them looking clean and fresh. If they are particularly soiled, you can purchase specialist PVC cleaning solutions which will help remove more ingrained dirt and oil-based marks. Please always read the label to ensure the cleaning liquid is kind to PVC before use.

Where can impact doors be used?

Impact doors can be used anywhere where you want easy access or want to reduce heat energy loss. Traditionally, it was only larger factories and industrial sites that used these types of doors, but as the costs of manufacture has fallen over recent years, they are becoming very cost-effective to buy and install and can now be found in almost any workplace or commercial building. They are often now specified for their energy-saving capabilities in warehouses that traditionally would have had their doors open during the day due to the high volumes of pedestrian or vehicle access required.

What information do I need to provide you with when ordering PVC strip curtains from Rayflex?

You will need to measure the height and width of the opening and provide these measurements to us. We will build in any tolerances required to cover any minor alterations later, so you only need to provide measurements for the clear opening space.

Let us know here if the door is likely to be completely internal or external facing and the type of usage, such as vehicle types or volume of people using it, as this information will help us determine which product is perfect for you and to calculate the price and delivery times.

What if my PVC strip curtain needs replacing?

If you bought your original kit from us here at Rayflex, you would not need to buy a complete kit again. Unlike Rayflex, some impact door suppliers do not offer a replacement PVC strip service to their customers. It is worth checking out this service prior to purchasing your first kit as you want to make sure you can easily obtain spare parts in the future if you need them. Our PVC strips are sold singularly so you can order just the right number you need replacing. We have a minimum order value of £30 but this still provides outstanding value and will enable you to cost-effectively replace any worn or damaged strips.

How long will it take for Rayflex to fulfil my order?

As these products are held here in Warrington, and most standard items are held in stock, you should be able to receive a next-day delivery for standard items. Non-stock items and made-to-measure industrial pvc curtains are generally available within 3-5 working days. This is a much faster lead time than imported products.

Established in 1975, Rayflex Group has specialised and led the market in the supply and manufacture of PVC strip curtains, rubber site safety products, and impact doors for both industrial and commercial use.